Warranty Policy


vision-warranty-bannerVision Cam Taiwan (VCT) warrants to the original purchaser that VCT’s products (the “Products”) are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, unless a different period is otherwise expressly stated below (the “Warranty Period”).  VCT’s obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to supplying replacement parts, repairing, or replacing, at its sole option, any product which VCT, in its sole judgment and discretion, determines contained a defect in materials or workmanship at the time of shipment from VCT.  This warranty does not include on-site service or removal and re-installation costs. This warranty is valid only on VCT products and is subject to the limitations and exceptions listed below.

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the limited warranty from Vision Cam Inc in respect of Vision Cam equipment purchased from an authorised dealer of Vision Cam and accompanied with a Vision Cam Warranty Card.
  2. The Limited Warranty for all Surveillance products (excluding accessories/cables) is valid for 12 months from the Date of Purchase.
  3. The Warranty Card is invalid if it has been defaced or altered.
  4. The Warranty Card is also invalid unless
    (a) it is filled up completely and correctly; and
    (b) it is stamped by an authorised dealer of Vision Cam.
  5. The Customer must provide the original proof of purchase, which demonstrates compliance with the above conditions to receive any services under this warranty.

The Limited Warranty does not cover

  1. Loss or damage to Equipment arising from or in connection with
    (i) abuse, tampering modification and disassembling by any person other than Vision Cam authorised personnel;
    (ii) negligence and/or misuse (including accident, improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive temperature, sand, dust, dirt, other pollution or other environmental conditions and failure to follow precautions or proper operating instructions stated in the instruction manual such as improper installations);
    (iii) fire, flood, lightning strike or other acts of God; and/or
    (iv) deficiencies in consumable parts such as battery leakage.
  2. Loss or damage to Equipment arising from or in connection with the malfunction of, connection to or use of parts, accessories and consumables not authorized or recommended by Vision Cam (including re-conditioned, tampered, re-used and non-genuine Vision Cam parts, accessories and consumables). In such event, Vision Cam reserves the right to cancel the Limited Warranty immediately.
  3. Software supplied with the Equipment.
  4. Non-Vision Cam products, software and peripherals used in connection with the Equipment.
  5. Equipment with its serial number removed, defaced or altered.
  6. This Warranty does not cover liability for loss of data, recorded image/s and/or business opportunity loss. If during the repair the content of the hard drive are altered, deleted, or in any way modified, Vision Cam shall not be responsible. The product will be returned configured as originally purchased. You are advised to regularly back up the contents of your hard drive to prevent damage or loss of any data or other information.